ZAM® Grain Bins

Corrosion and Farm Equipment

You want your equipment to last. You demand a lot from it. And when it comes to a severe environment, you don't have to go very far. Equipment made of ZAM® is 10 to 20 times more durable than galvanized coating** and here's why:
ZAM® has superior corrosion resistance and cut edge protection and it's all due to it's revolutionary chemistry. The magnesium in the coating helps form a corrosion layer that adheres to the coating like none other. This protective layer inhibits moisture from further attacking the coating, thus it's impressive corrosion resistant performance. The same protective coating washes over any exposed edge, whether it be sheared, punched, perforated, drilled or scratched.
You don't want to worry about equipment failure. You want equipment made of ZAM®.
** Estimated by standard salt spray accelerated testing.
Picture of hard-working farmer and son on a tractor.
Longer lasting grain bins can be made from corrosion-resistant ZAMŽ.
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