ZAM® Solar Racking

Alternative to Aluminum

Unless rust and continuity are no longer problems, the preeminent coating for corrosion protection is a must.

Rust can prevent continuity and compromise strength in your solar racking system. In many environments this is a concern and ZAM® (zinc, aluminum and magnesium alloy coated steel) is the alternative to the old, costly extruded aluminum answer. Racking made of ZAM® is 2 to 20 times more corrosion resistant than galvanized and here's why:

ZAM® has an amazing ability to resist corrosion, particularly at cut edges, all due to its revolutionary chemistry. Magnesium in the coating helps form a corrosion layer that adheres to the coating like none other. This protective layer inhibits moisture from further attacking the coating, thus it's impressive corrosion resistant performance. The same protective coating washes over any exposed edge, whether it be sheared, punched, perforated, drilled or scratched.

You don't want to worry about grid failure. You want racking equipment made of durable ZAM® coated steel.

Large field full of solar grids that can be made from corrosion-resistant ZAMŽ coated metal.
View from below of solar racking system that can be made from long-lasting ZAMŽ coated metal.
Solar grids that can be made from durable ZAMŽ coated metal.

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