Galvalume® is produced in either AZ50 or AZ55 coating weights (55% Aluminum-zinc alloy coated sheet)

Introduction to Galvalume®

corrosion resistant coated sheet metal in product warehouse

WHEELING-NIPPON STEEL's GALVALUME® steel sheet combines the excellent barrier corrosion protection of aluminum with the galvanic protection of zinc. Its corrosion resistance far exceeds that of galvanized, is suitable for applications where rust prevention is imperative, has superior flatness, uniform spangle and is an excellent surface suitable for painting. It provides versatility, ease of use, aesthetics and continues to gain approval worldwide by specifiers, architects, building owners and many others due to its exceptional performance as a material for building and architectural applications. Our Galvalume® is produced to ASTM A792 specifications.

Also available is Galvalume® Plus product with an acrylic coating applied to the sheet. This added coating offers additional corrosion resistance, eliminates the need for oil during rollforming, eliminates finger printing during handling, and many other advantages.

All coatings and treatments can be produced to RoHS compliance when required for your particular application.

Key Features of Galvalume®

  • Outstanding Flatness
  • Excellent surface for paint applications
  • Wide range of available sizes
metal roof coated with Galvalume® corrosion protection coating

Galvalume® Applications

  • Roofing panels and caps
  • Building panels (painted and bare)
  • Wall panels
  • Unexposed automotive parts
  • Tubular construction
  • Computer cases
  • Furnace parts
  • Drain pans
  • Microwave oven parts
  • Duct work
  • Transportation
metal roof made of Galvalume® coated steel

Galvalume® is produced in either AZ50 or AZ55 coating weights

MATERIAL THICKNESS 0.008" through 0.069"
MATERIAL WIDTH 24" through 50.0"
ASTM A792 specifications
(Aluminum-zinc alloy - coated by the hot dip process)
Commercial Steel Drawing Steel
Forming Steel Structural Steel Grades
AZ30 AZ35 AZ40
AZ50 AZ55 AZ60
(UL Coating Weights Available, Please Inquire)

COIL WEIGHT 10,000 lbs. maximum through 55,000 lbs. maximum
COIL ID 20" and 24"
(upon request)
Chemical Treatment (RoHS Compliant Available)
Oiling (vanishing oil available)
Acrylic (RoHS Compliant, Please Inquire)


Image showing actual texture of Galvalume® coated metal

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GALVALUME® is a registered trademark of BIEC International, Inc.

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