Galvalume® Plus/Galvanized Plus (Acrylic coated steel sheet products)

Product Description

WHEELING-NIPPON STEEL offers two enhanced products: Galvalume® PLUS and Galvanized PLUS. Both substrates are coated with a thin, clear acrylic (chromated or RoHS compliant) which not only creates a corrosion resistant sheet, but also eliminates any need for oil during rollforming. This acrylic coating also provides resistance to finger printing, hand printing, foot printing and smudging - a plus for installation and job-site cleanup.


  • Will not dry out/evaporate like typical vanishing oil.
  • Can be rollformed dry without the need for additional lubricating oil.
  • Increased productivity - can be rollformed with prepainted sheet on the same rollformer, without requiring extensive cleanup of rollforming dies.
  • Resists finger/hand/and foot printing during installation.
  • Provides a bright appearance which will weather uniformly.
  • Excellent transit and field storage performance without darkening or staining.


WHEELING-NIPPON STEEL can apply this acrylic coating on all of our sheet products. This process is accomplished in-line using a chemcoater. The chemcoater applies the acrylic using reverse roll-coating method similar to a prepaint line. The acrylic eliminates the need for vanishing/standard oiling.


Prepaint : WHEELING-NIPPON STEEL does not recommend that this product be prepainted. There are no paint warranties which cover this product.

Field painting: With proper treatment, this product can be field painted.

Acrylic Supplier

Some of our acrylic suppliers are Henkel, Chemetall Oakite and TecCoat. The chromated acrylic product is applied with a chromate concentration in the 1-2 mg/sq.ft. range.


  • Acrylic-coated product must never be oiled. Oiling will decrease the coefficient of friction. Some solvents in the vanishing oil may affect the acrylic coating.
  • Only mild, non-abrasive cleaners should be used.
  • Removal of the acrylic using solvents, abrasives or damage will result in substrate exposure.


This product should not be solvent cleaned. Only mild, non-abrasive cleaners should be used.

Installation at Job Site

Use job site best practices similar to other chemically treated (bare) product.


GALVALUME® is a registered trademark of BIEC International, Inc.

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