Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What products does WHEELING-NIPPON STEEL supply?

A: WHEELING-NIPPON STEEL supplies all five of the major hot-dipped products, including Aluminized, Galvalume®, ZAM®, Galvannealed, and Galvanized.

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Q: What markets does WHEELING-NIPPON STEEL serve?

A: WHEELING-NIPPON STEEL's products are used in the automotive, appliance, HVAC, building and construction industries.

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Q: Why is ZAM®'s corrosion resistance superior to other coated products?

A: ZAM®'s unique chemical composition of Zn, Al and Mg combines to form a very tight and hard coating layer. This unique coating develops thin film byproducts that are remarkably corrosion resistant, even over cut or perforated edges.

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Q: Why is ZAM® considered to be 'a bridge' between galvanized steel and stainless steel?

A: ZAM® offers superior corrosion resistance to galvanized steel but at a fraction of the cost of stainless steel. Applications that require high levels of corrosion resistance and low cost may prove perfect for ZAM®.

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Q: What is ISO 9001 Certification?

A: ISO 9001 Certification is evidence of a quality management system based on a number of proven principles that include strong customer focus, the motivation and implication of top management, the process approach and continual improvement. As such, WHEELING-NIPPON STEEL consistently provides products that meet customer requirements and enhance customer satisfaction through the effective application of the system.

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Q: Where can I get Safety Data Sheets for your products and after treatment chemicals?

A: All SDS for our products and after treatments are available on our website under the "Products" heading on the menu bar by selecting the "Safety Data Sheets" option.

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Q: Who do I contact if I am interested in your products?

A: WHEELING-NIPPON STEEL's Commercial Department will be happy to handle your inquiry. Contact information is available on our website under the "Contact" heading on the menu bar.

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Q: How do I submit a claim?

A: Contact your Trading Firm representative or WHEELING-NIPPON STEEL Sales Team.

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Q: How do I submit a resume?

A: Information about careers at WHEELING-NIPPON STEEL and submitting a resume can be found on our website under the "Contact" heading on the menu bar by selecting the "Careers" option.

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Q: How do I get access to the secure portion of your website?

A: For Customer Login access, please contact your Trading Firm representative or WHEELING-NIPPON STEEL Sales Team.

For Carrier Login access, please contact Cory Barker at or (304) 527-4826.

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Q: How can I buy WHEELING-NIPPON STEEL's non-prime material?

A: Please contact Joe Kraina at or (304) 527-4834 if you are interested in WHEELING-NIPPON STEEL's non-prime material.

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Q: Who do I contact for delivery and pickup appointments?

A: If you have a Carrier Account on our website, log on to schedule your inbound and outbound loads.

If you do not have a Carrier Account, contact Cory Barker at or (304) 527-4826 to have an account created.

If you want to schedule an Inbound load without creating an account, contact Anthony Moffo (AGL) at or (304) 527-4832 or David Nixon (CGL) at (304) 527-4814.

For pickup appointments, contact Cory Barker at or (304) 527-4826. You must have a load number to make a pickup appointment.

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Q: Do any of WHEELING-NIPPON STEEL's products meet the Energy Star Qualification?

A: WHEELING-NIPPON STEEL's Galvalume® and Galvalume® Plus products have been qualified for the Environmental Protection Agency's ENERGY STAR program. Please refer to the program's website at for further information.

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Q: What is the recycled content of WHEELING-NIPPON STEEL's products?

A: WHEELING-NIPPON STEEL purchases cold rolled steel which is produced by several domestic manufacturers. These manufacturers have the ability to make steel with either an electric arc furnace or the basic oxygen process. Both of these steel making techniques use a minimum of 25 percent recycled steel content.

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Q: Is there any mercury present in WHEELING-NIPPON STEEL's products?

A: None of the materials used in the manufacturing or packaging of WHEELING-NIPPON STEEL's products contain mercury.

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Q: Are WHEELING-NIPPON STEEL's products made in the USA?

A: All products sold by WHEELING-NIPPON STEEL are coated in Follansbee, West Virginia, U.S.A. and the base metal is purchased by WHEELING-NIPPON STEEL from steel companies within the United States.

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