ZAM® Coated Steel is Environmentally Friendly

Solar Racking and Panels

Racking systems for Photovoltaic Systems and Solar Panels are currently being made of Zn, Al and Mg Alloy coated steel. Continuity in an electrical system is critical and since the panels are grounded through the racking system, corrosion would be extremely detrimental.

Comparison photos of solar racking systems made from ZAMŽ coated metal and Galvanized coated metal


Comparison photos of solar racking systems made from ZAMŽ coated metal and Galvanized coated metal


Eco-Friendly Advantages

  • ZN, Al and Mg Alloy coatings are made from 30-60% recycled material. At the end of its useful life, ZAM® coated steel is 100% recyclable - i.e. Roofing applications: other roofing materials are routinely removed and disposed of by the ton in landfills.
  • Less coating is required for the desired corrosion resistance, thus less zinc is consumed and mined from the earth (Studies have shown, at current rates, zinc will be depleted by the year 2050).
  • Studies have shown that the corrosion loss of ZAM® vs. Galvanized is significantly less. Both coatings primarily consist of zinc. With ZAM®, a much smaller volume of zinc runoff is introduced into the environment. (Many municipalities are now testing for zinc runoff into storm drains, which can contaminate water supplies).
  • ZAM® coated steel, with its lighter coating weights, has better recyclability than heavier coatings of Galvanized coated steel. Thinner layers of coating on steel are preferred when recycling.
  • ZAM® coated steel achieves its corrosion resistance without the presence of chromium compounds, thus reducing harmful environmental impacts.
  • ZAM®'s corrosion resistance will prolong the life of a building's exterior, thus limiting replacement and limiting resource impact.
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